3e film


These three posters are based on the film Fahrenheit 451. This film was shot in 1953 and gives us an image of how the future was seen in those days. It is about the fact that people are not allowed to read books anymore, because books will influence their personalities and as a result become different people. From the view of the future in this movie, I made a three part poster series. In this series words become colours in combination with a number.  

The main aspect of this movie was my starting point. I went looking for everyday objects: medicines, shower products and laundry detergents etc. On the first poster only texts are visible. The texts correspond with objects which are shown on the second poster. The third poster is completely abstract. This poster will be the new future. In this future there will be no words or shapes, but only combinations of a colours and numbers.


Poster, A1, print on demand