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This project was based on a philosophical text from Friederich Nietsche's
"The Birth Of Tragedy". When I came up with the question: do people think they are an orderly person or a chaotic person? I made a test to see whether people are either one or the other.  The first thing I asked the person: Do you think you are a chaotic person or an orderly person and why?

In the movie you can see how they internally assess themselves. Then they had to build the IKEA closet "Hyllis" in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes they had to stop building the closet and start putting stuff in the closet in their own way. 

When they were done building the closet, I had a checklist in which I documented how people were building the closet, if they used the instructions or if they just began building it and if they used the space around the closet. After the checklist was full, I was able to see whether the person was chaotic or orderly. 5 out of 7 people correctly estimated whether they were chaotic or orderly.

Video, Hyllis closet ikea