I made this book in collaboration with Denise Bernts. In this book we summarized our search for an upcoming internet movement; we decided to investigate fashion bloggers. Our research consisted of the clothing, the behaviour and the posture of fashion bloggers. While we see these bloggers as quite similar people in the way they act, they seem to think they're all unique. The most noteworthy similarity between fashion bloggers is their way of posing. For this book, we searched through various blogs and found a number of similar poses. You can recognize these poses by their placement in the book. 1/5 stands for 'looking to the left', we visualised this by placing all of those kind of photos on the left side of the pages. 2/5 stands for 'left side', we visualised this by placing all of those kind of photographs fully on the left side on the pages. 

3/5 expresses the pose 'right side', so we put those photographs on the right side of the pages. 4/5 means 'looking to the right', these photos are situated on the right side of the book. Finally, 5/5 stands for 'standing in the middle', so those photographs are placed in the middle of the pages. On the cover of the book you see all the titles which fashion bloggers use to present their clothes. The title of the book 'Rocking my favourites' stands for the similarities between fashion bloggers.

Book, Revive 100 gram, print on demand, black and whiteA4